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1    Hunan Provincial Firecrackers & Fireworks       Eingetragen am: 12.08.2004, 15:40 
http://www.world-fireworks.com/ZindexE.htm       Hits: 60
Hunan Provincial Firecrackers & Fireworks Imp.& Exp. Corp. is the biggest firecrackers & fireworks exporter in China with its total asset reaching as high as USD160 million. It has 8 large-scale factories and manufacture facilities under its direct control and dozens of many other supplying sources. Red Lantern.

2    LIDU fireworks       Eingetragen am: 02.12.2007, 15:56 
http://www.lidufireworks.com       Hits: 60
Founded in 1974, Lidu Fireworks Co., Ltd. has been expanded to be one of the largest enterprises in the fireworks industry of China. We are now the member of APA an AFSL. Our corporation covers a land of over 2.4 million square meters and currently has over 1500 employees. With 6 manufacture factories, Lidu practices a technologic production line perfectly integrating traditional workmanship with mechanization, and is as well equipped with an advanced fireworks institute and an inspection center. We are fully sure that you would have an unforgettable impression both for our quality products and for the breathtaking view ...........

3    a liuyang best professional fireworks factory       Eingetragen am: 25.02.2004, 07:52 
http://www.sinopyro.com       Hits: 64
Best quality products we can guarantee you, call Mr.Juergs: 13077376065 at any time when you in China.

4    Ammonium-/ Potassium Perchlorate       Eingetragen am: 07.03.2005, 13:53 
http://www.ammoniumperchlorate.net/       Hits: 58
Ammoniumchlorat, Kaliumperchlorat, Kaliumchlorat

5    Anping Fireworks Factory       Eingetragen am: 26.06.2004, 11:00 
http://china-hshui.com       Hits: 62
Cakes, shells, crackers and display fireworks

6    Arts Pyrotechnics Co., Ltd       Eingetragen am: 11.07.2005, 11:02 
http://www.artspyrotechnics.com       Hits: 59
Arts Pyrotechnics Co., Ltd is a professional Fireworks Manufacturing Company. We are specialized in Class B professional fireworks and Class C consumer fireworks, covering a wide variety of specifications including displays shells, cakes, roman candles, rockets, firecrackers, sparklers, wheels, fountains, ground spinner, parachutes, novelties and so on; Liuyang, Hunan, 410300, China.

7    Asian Tiger Firworks Co. Ltd.       Eingetragen am: 11.07.2005, 11:07 
http://www.yahoofireworks.net       Hits: 58
We are Asian Tiger Fireworks Co. Ltd of Hunan, China. We are both manufacturer and exporter. We have such products as Cakes, Display Shells, Roman Candles, Sparklers, Artillery Shells, Match Crackers; Liuyang City, Hunan, China.

8    BIGBEN FIREWORKS       Eingetragen am: 13.03.2009, 09:34 
http://www.bigbenfireworks.com       Hits: 59
Proffessional Fireworks Manufacturer and Exporter Tel:0086 731 3616268 fax:0086 731 3656267

9    Bingshan-Fireworks       Eingetragen am: 07.02.2004, 09:50 
http://www.bingshan-fireworks.com       Hits: 59
I'm Oscar Obiol, a Spanish technician, now being the sales manager and production supervisor of Bingshan-fireworks Co. Ltd. in Liuyang, CHINA. I invite you to visit our factories and to see our products which are combined with the Spanish and Japanese technology. In this way, we have the best quality products; Liuyang City 410304, Hunan, China.

10    Blue Moon Fireworks Mfg. Factory       Eingetragen am: 22.02.2003, 14:33 
http://www.bluemoonfireworks.com/       Hits: 58
BlueMoon (CHINA) Fireworks MFG. Factory Co.Ltd. All "Blue Moon" items are manufactured in our factory in China using its own paper-tube machine, powder-pressing machine. "Blue Moon" owns its production site and experimental base, and also a warehouse of 10000 square meters. And with our strict management and workmanship, "Blue Moon" ensures you of high quality even up to the strictest ...........

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