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41    LasFallas.co.uk       Eingetragen am: 30.03.2005, 09:39 
http://www.lasfallas.co.uk       Hits: 49
Informations on Fallas de Valencia, videos, pictures, map, schedule.

42    Toni Busuttil's Malta WebSite       Eingetragen am: 12.09.2001, 10:05 
http://www.malta.fireworks.usclargo.com/index.html       Hits: 49
My name is Anthony Busuttil. I am from Malta.I have been doing fireworks for the last 30 years, always as a Hobby.I built Irdieden. These are mechanised big framework which turns by the power of drivers. These form 3D effects.

43    Malta Fireworks       Eingetragen am: 01.11.2003, 09:12 
http://www.MaltaFireworks.com       Hits: 49
This website is all about the traditional Maltese Fireworks. One can find information related to the Irdieden and also to the typical Maltese shells: Irdieden, Malta, Videos, Photos, Building of a Maltese Multi Break Shell.

44    It´s a Blast - How Fireworks Wizards Work Their Magic       Eingetragen am: 02.03.2001, 21:51 
http://www.nationalgeographic.com/world/0007/fireworks/       Hits: 49
Flashes of color and showers of shimmering sparks fill the night sky. Fireworks experts know how to draw the oohs and aahs from the crowds at shows like this one. Learn the secrets of this explosive science.

45    Obtainium       Eingetragen am: 07.01.2001, 13:21 
http://www.obtainium.com       Hits: 49
Aufbau div. Feuerwerkskörper, firework devices, chemistry

46    PASSFIRE.COM       Eingetragen am: 13.01.2002, 13:00 
http://www.passfire.com       Hits: 49
Passfire.com is a virtual online community for the modern amateur pyrotechnic hobbyist. This site was created with the goal of providing useful information to active firework makers on a monthly basis and is the worlds first subscription based website dealing with pyrotechnics. Subscription/invitation required to enter passfire.com!!!

47    Piroart.com       Eingetragen am: 14.08.2003, 20:24 
http://www.piroart.com/default.htm       Hits: 49
A B C del fuego / PIROART.COM - PORTAL DE PIROTECNIA Informationen und Berichte über die Las Fallas in Valencia, auf spanisch. Valenzia, Mascletta, Mascleta.

48    PIROTECNIA.net       Eingetragen am: 16.01.2002, 18:39 
http://www.pirotecnia.net       Hits: 49
Técnica y química de pirotecnia. Proyectos y reportajes. U.a. Valencia, Valenzia, Las Fallas, Mascletta, Mascleta.

49    Pyro-Records       Eingetragen am: 06.12.2006, 20:56 
http://www.pyro-pages.com/Info/records.htm       Hits: 49
Fireworks are like almost everything else have records for the biggest, longest, and the most. Here are some of the "official" records from the Guiness World Book of Records, and some of the "unofficial" records that have yet to be recognized by Guiness.

50    The Largest Fireworks Shells made on the North American continent!       Eingetragen am: 21.05.2002, 22:55 
http://www.pyrock.com/       Hits: 49
The 36-inch shell fired in August 1997 at the PGI convention in Amana Colonies, Iowa.

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